Google Reviews Vs Facebook Reviews: Choose The Best For Small Business

These days everything is changing and so is the way people choose a business for making a purchase. 

People have numerous options online to choose from and with numerous options comes the challenge to choose the best. Online shoppers have become more cautious than before in terms of making their purchases. Thus, checking online customer reviews is a prime part of their buying journey. 

To check online customer reviews there are numerous sources available online. As per the survey of BrightLocal, more than 80% of potential customers check online customer review platforms to know about small businesses. However, the two most choicest sources among them are Google reviews and Facebook reviews which are mostly visited by the people to know about businesses. It has been seen that nowadays businesses are embedding Google review widget into their website to make their marketing game strong.

But the question here is that among Google reviews and Facebook reviews which one is more powerful? Which platform will be the focus of the small business to make the most out of it for their growth? 

Thus, to answer these questions you have to make a close comparison between the two review platforms. This article has come up with a whole comparative discussion about the two platforms so that small businesses can able to decide which one is best. 

Go through this article till the end to read the whole comparison. 

An Overview Of Google Reviews

Let’s begin with reading the overview of Google reviews first. 

Where do you end up every time to gather deep knowledge about a new business or small local eateries? It’s Google, right? 

Well, not just only you, the whole world turns to Google which is basically known to be the search engine giant for a reason. The customer reviews come integrated with the Google search results which is the best part of this platform. For potential customers, Google is the prime place to read about the most authentic customer reviews. 

Moreover, as per a study, to check out the details about a business and to know what its previous customers are saying 63% of the potential customers end up with Google reviews.  More than 57% of online customer reviews are held by Google reviews. So, Google reviews have all the information about the small local businesses and other businesses as well.

However, it has also been seen that businesses are using Facebook reviews as well. They are hugely embedding Facebook review widget into their website to show the credibility of their business to their visitors. Later in this article, you will also learn about the powerful Facebook reviews.

Thus, stay tuned. 

Importance Of Google Reviews For Small Business 

Businesses of all shapes and sizes want to rank best online and for small businesses ranking is very vital to reach more of the targeted audiences. You should know Google reviews affect the local SEO of businesses. Local SEO is the biggest factor that helps businesses to rank better and boost their reach. 

There are various factors behind the ranking of a small business online and one such factor is Google reviews. The algorithm of Google reads the quality and quantity of reviews a business has on the Google review platform. Thus, the equation is simple: the more quality Google reviews your business has online it helps to improve the local SEO ranking of your small business. This is a clear sign to you that you should encourage your customers to leave more reviews on Google My Business listing.

An Overview Of Facebook Reviews

Facebook is a well-known social media platform and among the many names, it is the giant. Everyone knows Facebook as a place to make friends and share posts in their daily lives. However, it is something much more than that and serves as a great platform for the business to connect with the audience worldwide. Currently, Facebook has over 40 million sprouting small businesses. 

The audiences on Facebook go through your business page, check the products, and make direct purchases as well. When more people visit your small business page on Facebook it will boost engagement. Moreover, the people who are purchasing from your business through Facebook can share their reviews and can tag you directly. The Facebook reviews can be of any format it can be text, photos, and videos as well. The best part of Facebook reviews is that all the people on the connection can see those reviews and this helps your small business to reach more people. 

Differentiating Google Reviews And Facebook Reviews

Both Google reviews and Facebook reviews can come with many differences. The main difference between the two is that Facebook reviews are more detailed than Google reviews. Your customer on Facebook can write long paragraphs with photos and videos of the product. 

People can share photos and videos of the product as reviews in collaboration with the business. The Facebook reviews soon turn into conversation as more people start to join the comment section of the review. 

Concluding- Which One To Choose?

So, now the judgment remains about which one is the best for your small business. As you are in the concluding part, I hope you have gone through the article in detail. 

Both of them have their specialty. Google reviews are vital to improving the local SEO ranking of your business. On the other hand, Facebook reviews are detailed and help to build followers for your small business. 

So, the final verdict is both Google reviews and Facebook reviews are valuable for small businesses. For better marketing outcomes, make combined use of both of them and grow your business. 

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